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Sandals that look good, feel good, and do good. Made with recycled materials!


My name is Marina Franchi, the founder of Bains de Soleil. 

Growing up around the fashion industry, fashion has always been a passion of mine which led me to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. After working five years for both Burberry & CELINE, I quickly realized the negative impacts this industry has on our environment. 

Understanding that we had to reinvent ourselves and ready to take up the challenge, I decided it was time to create my own brand. A brand that was both stylish and respectful of our environment.
One year ago, the adventure of Bains de Soleil began with the hopes of creating a brand that is eco-friendly, versatile, and responsibly produced; without sacrificing style. 

To do so, I completely rethought our traditional production models by using materials that were previously considered as waste.


Our planet needs our help! You will find some shocking figures below: 

TIRES - Every year, nearly 1.5 billion tires are discarded around the world. A portion of these are recycled, but the majority end up in landfills.

PLASTIC - Each year we produce over 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste around the world, and only 9% of that ends up being recycled. The worst part is that more than 8 million tons of this plastic are dumped into our oceans. 

LEATHER - This noble material that we adore is no exception to the rule, every year, more than 6 million tons of solid leather waste is generated worldwide.

TEXTILES - On average, 35% of textiles in the supply chain end up as waste before even reaching the consumer. This contributes to 39 million tons of textile waste that is generated worldwide each year. The worst part is that 95% of these textiles that are land-filled can be reused.

So what do we do? 
Change our production model by using available raw materials rather than producing new ones. Which is exactly what we do at Bains de Soleil, while also ensuring high-quality standards!



Consume less to consume better. The versatility of our sandals allows you to have one sandal with endless possibilities. Produce better to produce less. Our sandals are produced by recycling existing materials which avoids producing new raw materials.

A collection for Him and for Her.

We wanted to offer everyone the possibility of having Bains de Soleil sandals, which is why we created two models:

Le Buzios unisex slide, which has an ultra-comfortable footbed and luxury leather details, making it your perfect everyday sandal. 

La Niçoise women's sandal, which comes with interchangeable laces that can be swapped and styled in multiple ways, giving you one sandal with endless possibilities! Making them your go-to sandal this summer.
(Check out our Instagram and on our YouTube channel for tutorials).


Our objective is therefore clear:

Consume less and better! While maintaining style and originality.
If you like our concept and want to support our project, we are launching our Kickstarter campaign on Monday, June 8th, 2020 and I would be more than happy if you could share Bains de Soleil with your community.

Bains de Soleil Kickstarter Campaign.

By supporting our Kickstarter campaign you will benefit from our early-bird prices.
A pair of La Niçoise at 60€ instead of 79€ and a pair of Le Buzios at 57€ instead of 75€
Delivery scheduled for mid-July!

If you want to learn more about our project and our values, please head over to our website: Bains de Soleil
For further information or questions, please feel free to contact me.